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Got a bright spark on your hands and wanting them to prepare for an upcoming primary level scholarship?


With our primary years exam pack, you will receive 5 FULL LENGTH exam packages with fully worked solutions to give your child the opportunity to simulate the exam multiple times before the big day.

The fully worked solutions will be like your personalised tutor explaining each question to you step by step!

What are you waiting for? Start practicing and get a real solution to focus on your timing today!

Who Is This Pack Designed For?

This pack is designed for students sitting any primary years scholarship from year 3 to year 5.

This pack is specifically geared towards students who are looking to practice all the exam components before the exam. We’ve found that students who have had minimal practice in doing timed questions tend to benefit from completing all the components of this exam package. This combined with our detailed answers tend to give students the extra edge they need prior to sitting any primary level scholarship exam.

What Do You Receive In This Pack?

This pack is our advanced package, this means that it includes:

  • 5 x Full length mathematics exams
  • 5 x Full length reading comprehension exams
  • 10 x Writing Prompts (5 creative, 5 persuasive); and
  • FULLY WORKED answers to all sections (not including the writing section).

In total, you receive 5 FULL exams with FULLY WORKED answers.

All packages are delivered as digital books (PDFs). All purchases can be downloaded for immediate use.

How Is This Different To The Basic Package?

Our basic package is designed for those who just want just 1 full exam with BASIC answers to the questions.

If your child needs more than 1 exam and detailed answers to all the questions this exam pack is the one to purchase.

Why You Should Purchase This Exam Package

If your child hasn’t completed many (or any!) exam style questions and needs to become familiar with a large variety of questions they may have never seen before, this pack will prove to be a great way to sneak in some serious test practice. The detailed answers will also provide further guidance on how to solve all the tricky questions presented in the exam paper.

This package is also useful as it allows you to simulate a full exam multiple times to assist students with time management during the exam. We’ve also had numerous students use this pack as a diagnostic tool to determine which components of the exam they’re still struggling with. This has proven to be fruitful for a number of students, as it has better helped them determine where they should be devoting their precious study time.

Overall, this pack provides a very detailed set of challenging questions that all students will benefit from doing before the ‘big day’.

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