The Scholarship Selection Tests consists of a series of academic ability tests used to select students for the award of a scholarship.

Presently the Spectrum Tuition Centre is only preparing students for Level 1 tests, which are designed for students in their final year of primary school, for entry into first year of secondary school in the following year. Level 1 tests may be suitable for students in Year 7 moving on to Year 8.

The format of the test depends mainly on the company that has been commissioned by the school to write the papers. The main companies writing entrance exams are ACER (Australian Council of Educational Research), ITSA (Independent Testing Service of Australia) and Edutest. Some schools decide to write their own whilst others use independent educational consultants.

It is therefore important to understand which company is preparing the exam for your school. This information can be found by clicking on the participating schools links below.


Scholarship Selection Test (SST)

There will be a maximum of four separate tests. Schools have the choice of offering all four tests or choosing various combinations. You should check with the school as to which of the tests they will be sitting.

The time allowed for each, and the order in which they will be taken if all four are offered are as follows:

Test 1: Written Expression – Creative Writing
(Illustrations are often used as stimulus)
25 minutes

Test 2: Humanities – Comprehension & Interpretation
(Inferential skills needed to interpret written text, maps, diagrams or cartoons)
40 minutes with 40 questions

Test 3: Mathematics
(Problem Solving)
40 minutes with 28 questions

Test 4: Written Expression
(Opinion or Argumentative Piece)
25 minutes

Scholarships – ACER participating schools


This company uses the same format for scholarship and accelerated programs.
Those students wishing to apply for scholarships or places at two different schools will need to sit at the earliest exam and share the results with the other school, after paying a fee to each school.

Their format for the exam is as follows:

1.Written expression (creative piece) – 15 minutes
2.Mathematics – 30 minutes with 60 questions
3.Reading comprehension – 30 minutes with 50 questions
4.Numerical reasoning – 30 minutes with 50 questions
5.Verbal reasoning – 30 minutes with 60 questions

Scholarships – EDUTEST participating schools

Academic Assessment Services (AAS)

Academic Assessment Services (formerly Robert Allwell and Associates) work with Independent, Catholic and State schools across Australia.

Their format for the exam is as follows:

1. Writing (Creative or Opinion) – 25 minutes
2. Mathematics – 60 questions
3. Reading – 45 questions
4. General Abilities – 72 questions
(Includes verbal, numerical and abstract reasoning)

Click here for more information on AAS.