Mathematical reasoning is a challenging exam for many students as it measures their ability to answer questions related to number, measurement, algebra, space, and data. This can be especially difficult for students because the test items can include topics that are several years ahead of their current year level. Additionally, the concepts can be complex and difficult to link together, making it challenging for students to select an appropriate and efficient strategy to solve the problem.

Our course addresses these challenges by condensing relevant topics from Year 5 to Year 8 into an engaging and easy-to-understand course. By breaking down mathematics in a way that students can understand, we aim to help them feel confident in this section.

The course is designed to guide students through specific strategies on how to calculate quickly and efficiently, saving valuable time and working space on the exam. We also aim to familiarise students with different types of questions that increase in complexity across number, geometry/measurement, chance, and data. Finally, we provide essential tips and techniques to help students solve problems efficiently and accurately.

By providing these specific strategies and techniques, we aim to give students the confidence and knowledge they need to excel in the mathematical reasoning section of the exam.

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