Reading comprehension can be a difficult task for many students without the right strategy. This exam assesses a student's ability to understand and interpret written passages, as well as their ability to correct, complete and punctuate sentences.

However, students often struggle with reading comprehension due to a variety of reasons, including a lack of concentration, difficulty connecting ideas in the passage, overlooking important details, confusion with vocabulary and sentence meaning.

To address these challenges and more, this course is designed to be broken down into four main sections.

The first section of the course will focus on teaching essential speed reading skills to help students read more efficiently.

In the second section, students will learn specific approaches to answering the different types of questions they will likely encounter on the exam.

The third section will introduce students to the various text types that may appear on the exam, preparing them for what to expect.

Finally, the fourth section will go through grammar, punctuation and spelling questions that may appear on the exam.

By addressing each of these areas, this course aims to provide students with the necessary skills and strategies to excel in reading comprehension and achieve success on the exam.

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