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Are You Ready For Your School Entrance Interview?

The process of preparing for a Scholarship, SEALP or selective schools exam can be a daunting process. Firstly, students are required to sit a gruelling 3 hour exam. After passing to a high enough standard, the process does not always end there. Students may still have another hurdle to clear: the daunting admission interview.

The admission interview is designed for schools to select students who they feel are aligned with the school’s values and are a cultural fit for the school. The challenge for many students is that, even if they are a ‘perfect fit’, they may not have the skills to communicate this clearly to their target school. Additionally, very few 12 – 14 year olds have had the experience of sitting an admissions interview – so they may not know what to expect or how to act.

This is exactly why we created this book.

After helping countless students prepare for their interviews through mock exams and sample questions, we have produced a resource that provides you with a structured way to think about the interview preparation process. We give you practical advice on how to formulate model responses to tough questions that might come up on the day and how to weave in your own experiences to avoid sounding ‘rehearsed’.

While we provide a number of detailed responses to questions that have come up in the past, the exact questions may vary from year to year. Therefore, having a structured approach to formulating your responses to a wide variety of questions can really help to build confidence before you enter the interview room.

Additionally, some schools may require students to sit a lengthy group interview stage as well as the panel interview, which can involve a number of different activities testing your problem solving ability, leadership and communication skills. You will also find a number of scenarios and suggested approaches in this book so you know what to expect before the day.

More specifically, In this book you’ll learn;

  • what sort of research you should do before the interview;
  • how to prepare for a group interview;
  • how to prepare for a one-on-one interview;
  • how structure responses to the interview questions; and
  • what ‘winning’ responses look like.

Who Is This Book Designed For?

We designed this book for parents and students who are looking to prepare for a school entrance interview. This book is particularly valuable to students preparing for:

  • the selective schools principal’s discretionary category interview,
  • SEALP entrance interview; or
  • a general admissions interview to a school.

The skills we teach you in this book are universal and provide a great way to learn how to respond to questions you’ll likely be asked in an interview.

What Do You Receive In This Pack?

You’ll receive one digital book (a PDF) that’ll help you prepare for a school interview.

All of our packages are delivered as digital books (PDFs)** **and all purchases can be downloaded for immediate use.

How Should I Use This Book?

This book is an amazing tool that can be used in a short period of time to prepare for what can be a very daunting experience for most students. Feeling confident and prepared is what we aim to do in this succinct and example driven book.

Through a number of different strategies, we aim to help you formulate natural, confident and well structured responses. We focus our attention on strategies that you can use in a variety of different contexts, including one-on-one and group interviews.

All you need to do is follow each short chapter as it guides you through different strategies to prepare for a school interview.

Why You Should Purchase This Book

Sitting an interview is nerve racking even for adults who are seasoned interviewers! We have found that the process is even harder for students who are inexperienced and may lack the tools to respond to tough questions in a high pressure environment. We designed this book after helping many different students with this very process over several years to provide students with a broad set of tools they can use for any school interview.

So if you’re struggling with where to start in preparing for a school interview this is the book for you.


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