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Are you looking to improve your narrative writing technique? Want to be able to write a narrative essay in 15-30 minutes? Not sure how to approach writing a narrative essay? If you answered yes to any of these questions then this is the book for you. 

Note: all packages are delivered as digital books (PDFs). All purchases can be downloaded for immediate use.

Who Is This Book Designed For?

This book is designed for any student looking to pick up the basics of writing a compelling A+ level narrative under time constraints - specifically in 15 minutes.

If you're preparing for an entrance exam (e.g. the Victorian selective schools exam or an accelerated learning entrance test) you'll know that a vital part of the exam is the narrative writing component. This part of the exam is extremely tricky and requires you to craft an amazing response in just 15 minutes!

Having seen many students struggle with this component of the exam, we designed a book to show you a dead simple way to write a compelling a well structured essay in just 15 minutes.

We also understand that many students leave preparation to the last minute. That is why we've made this a short simple and straight to the point book with no 'page filler' - only techniques that work under the 15 minute time constraint.

What Do You Receive In This Pack?

A digital book that'll help you craft an amazing narrative for a high school entrance exam.

All packages are delivered as digital books (PDFs) and all purchases can be downloaded for immediate use.

How Should I Use This Book?

This book is a amazing tool that can be used to get you writing compelling and memorable narratives in 15 minutes.

All you need to do is follow each short chapter as it guides you through the components of writing an amazing narrative. We also believe that being succinct is important - so this book doesn't have any useless content. We'll get you writing great stories quickly.

More specifically we cover:

  1. How to structure a narrative - quickly and effectively;
  2. How to plan a narrative that'll gain an assessors attention;
  3. How to write a compelling narrative in just 15 minutes; and
  4. How to finalise your narrative with memorable conclusion.

We have also built into the book a number of highly useful tools and frameworks for you to use. These include:

  • our unique structure;
  • sample writing components; and
  • structured sample narratives.

Why You Should Purchase This Book

Writing a compelling narrative is hard. This task is made harder in an entrance exams setting by the fact that students need to do so under very restrictive time constraints.

The good news is, that if you have a strong consistent structure with some basic samples to show you how to put it all together the task becomes a lot easier. This why we wrote this book - to make the task of writing a narrative easy. With this in mind we designed each chapter to be to the point and (most importantly) immediately useful.

So if you're struggling with the '15 minute time barrier', don't know where to start with a narrative essay or just want a better way to write a story under time constraints this book is a must purchase.

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