Numerical reasoning

Numerical reasoning is a challenging area that tests a student's ability to think and reason using numbers. Many students struggle with this section because they may not be familiar with the content, lack an efficient strategy, or struggle to link topics together to gain a deep enough understanding to reason through increasingly complex problems within the given 30-minute timeframe.

Our course is designed to address these issues in a systematic way by guiding students through over 25 mini digestible lessons on how to solve various types of numerical reasoning problems.

We begin by tackling patterns and sequences, gradually increasing in difficulty, followed by number puzzles and matrices. Next, we move on to problems involving diagrams and reasoning problems using arithmetic and algebra, gradually increasing in difficulty.

Our aim is to provide students with a step-by-step approach to solving numerical reasoning problems, so they feel confident and equipped to handle any challenge that comes their way. With our guidance and instruction, we believe that students can improve their numerical reasoning skills and achieve their best possible result on the exam.

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