Verbal reasoning

Verbal reasoning is a test of a student's ability to think and reason using words and language. However, many students find these test items challenging as they may not have a strong vocabulary, a solid grasp of English language conventions, or effective strategies to tackle specific questions in the limited time frame of 30 minutes.

This course addresses these challenges by providing over 20 mini-lessons that teach students how to:

Significantly improve their vocabulary

Systematically approach and solve different types of verbal reasoning questions related to vocabulary, word relationships, classification, logical reasoning, and deduction

Apply grammar and spelling rules to solve a variety of verbal reasoning questions

By taking this course, students will be able to exponentially increase their word power and become familiar with various verbal reasoning question types. They will also learn how to tackle each type systematically and apply grammar and spelling rules effectively to solve these questions.

Overall, this course will equip students with the knowledge and skills necessary to improve their verbal reasoning abilities and excel in their exams.

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